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I am machine polishing with my PC.... I have to go out for about an hour.


I am polishing in my garage.


Do I need to wash the pads NOW or can I come back in an hour, spray on detail spray and keep polishing??




What Dave said. Give them a few sprits of DS first to ensure they don't dry up. An hour is not that long, there are plenty of times when I've gone that long between the different pads, whether it be the large 6.75" or the 4" focus pads.


Remember, if you wash them, you are going to be through with those pads for a day.


These Drying times are lying on a box fan on high. Times are approx.


Green - 6 - 10 hrs

Orange - 8 - 12 hrs.

White - 16-24 hrs.


* If you are polishing near 1K Watt halogens, turn them off. They get really warm and will dry the polish quickly.

**4" Focus pads are at least half these times.

**Lay pads face down. The last hour on the white pad I flip over to ensure both sides are dry.


Because of the pore size, the white is a bear to get dry. You want to ensure they are fully dry before using them again. So if you don't have another set, don't wash them if you want to continue polishing today.

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