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Cargo van and decals and protection



I would like to thank the fine folks at Adams for creating a wonderful product like the quick sealant spray.:cheers: I have been putting off waxing my work van because of all the logo decals on it. Today I finally washed it real good, and put a coat of Spray Sealant all over it! But what was nice is being able to just spray over and in between all the little letters and numbers in the logos. So now its protected and looks good. I do plan one day to polish it up a bit but we'll see if time allows this summer. It is a work catering van so I'm not too worried about perfection. I did have it painted black to dress it up a bit, I feel it makes it look a touch more "upscale professional" compared to other catering companies with the basic white cargo vans. Heres a pic to show the decals, I didnt take any today. So you can see why I didn't want to use a traditional wax, would have been a mess trying to get between all those letters.






Heres pics of todays rain with the sealant!



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What part of IN do you cater in? Particular style of cuisine?


We are located in Jasper, southern part. We cater all kinds of food, mostly chicken type items, some steak type items, and some pork things as well. We try to do items a little different than the norm but not too off the wall. We get great feedback.

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Maybe a little SVRT love for the tires to step it up a notch more? ;)

First impressions and all that


Haha, yeah, I usually do, that was right after it was painted and logo'd. I can't stand tires without a dressing on them. Even if its a work van!

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