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2008 Toyota Tundra


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Few photos of the Toyota I did,, it is a work truck, out in the field all day,, Heavy sand and mud all day.. Did minor correction to it, was covered in paint over spray,,, sounded like sand paper when rubbing it. Of course it rained Sunday, so did not get alot of good photos in the sun. Took alot of time to clay the truck. Did the headlights at owner request. They were full of dirt on the inside. The lens are baby but smooth.












after work done......














Strip wash followed by lots of Detail Spray and Clay. About 3 hours to clay truck alone, so much paint spray.

Only used SHR and FMP followed by Americana. Truck was in such bad only got a little of interrior done.


Sorry for lack of photos,, but due to rain, and I mean heavy rain kind of killed the photo ops. I will say I did use the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and get 2 big stains of the carpet.

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Thanks.. just getting some time on the PC. Had a problem with the Orange pad separating. Like it was coming apart from the velcro part. The owner loved it.. now I got his wife's Expedition to do, and of all things its black. Nothing like a learning curve..

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