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Hey everyone. My name is David. I just received my first order of products, the Ultimate PC along with a second bucket and grit guard. Figured if I was gonna do it, I might as well go all out.


While I am new to Adam's, I am not new to detailing. I have never used a machine though. I am hoping the PC will help me to do better work, quicker.


I have a F-150 Platinum ordered which is scheduled to be built on Monday. It is the main reason I decided to get back into detailing. Considering it is the ultimate challenge of a color, black, I figured it was a necessity.


My wife also just got a new Honda Oddessey in a light blue color. It is going to be my practice car while I wait for my truck. I was planning on doing it this weekend, but it is supposed to rain. Unfortunately, it is forecasted for next weekend too.


I look forward to learning from all the gurus on this board.

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