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First detail tomorrow



I am hopin the weather is all cleared up so I can start nice and early but was wondering I's I just do panel by panel correct? And I know it's all about patience but what is the normal time atleast for beginners got work nice and early Monday so not sure if I want to start if the chances of me finishing are slim

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Honestly, its kinda hard to answer your question without knowing how much work actually needs to be done. But I'll try...

A full paint correction (wash, clay, polish, wax) will more than likely take a beginner all day, assuming that you first have to get your technique down and perfect a 2x2 area. With a Porter Cable (I assume thats what you're using)...you MAY need to do multiple passes on an area before moving on to the next polish, depending on the condition of the paint.

Use this as a guide...it took 3 experienced detailers, using 2 Flexes and a PC a full day to complete a Dodge Ram:



Just do what you can...you can always continue again when you have time. And remember...HAVE FUN.

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My first full correction took my into two days, dressings, engine bay, paint correction, wax after letting MSS cure.


Best advice: Say you find out you need two passes of SHR and 1 of FMP. Go around the car with the SHR, then go around again with the SHR, then follow up with the FMP. Don't keep switching pads, it creates unnecessary wear and tear.

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