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Remind me again the purpose of the 2-bucket wash?


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From today's detail of the A8.....geez. This is the first time I've waited to wash out the buckets 'til the very end so the suds would dissipate.




Ahhh, so nice to have a beautiful day to get the 8 detailed and back in respectable shape. It gets pretty nasty being my DD. The paint correction I did in the fall is holding up well. A round of FMP in the spring and she'll be ready to go.

(p.s. I lowered it back down when I put her back in the garage....holy wheel gap, Batman. I always put it up to the highest setting during detailing to access the wells....mmmm I missed that grape smell.)


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It looks like it's elevated, I'm assuming it's on a grit guard.


Yup, sitting on the grit guard from the clean wash bucket.

You can't see the one that's still in the disgusting rinse bucket.


This was the 2nd batch of shampoo and water too. I did the wheels first, emptied and mixed up a fresh batch for the rest of the car.

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