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Couple Shots After Spring Polish

THE Mook

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Friday afternoon, I went home and did the following to the TBSS:


Two Bucket, Foam Gun Wash

Clean and Dress all Wheels and Tires

Detail Engine Bay


FMP on the Flex

Quick Sealant

Brilliant Glaze (paint and glass) on the new Prototype Glazing Pad on the Flex

Americana Paste Wax


Here are a couple photos I took before Corvettes and Coffee this past Saturday.

(Event Coverage here: Event Coverage: Corvettes and Coffee, Purifoy Chevrolet Spring 2012 - Adam's Polishes Forums





I love love love this shot.




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Thanks everyone!


I'm rocking DJM A-arms and KBee Coilovers up front. Out back I've just deflated the bags until I can afford a notch and proper bagging. That's a ways off. On 275/45/20 series tires...two series bigger than stock.

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thats awesome man, I wish more guys around here would do that too their TBSS, they all look like monster trucks stock haha as did my jeep. I would love to put coilovers on my jeep, the money isnt there right now. If im putting a grand more into her its going to be towards a snail :D

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