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Bangastang's Project 2010 GT500


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Hi Folks,


Haven't posted in awhile I was busy finishing up the 2010 GT500. The car is finished and was unveiled on Sunday to a very enthusiastic crowd.


Here's a partial list of mods and accessories that we did.


1. Complete repaint four coats of PPG Deltron paint and six coats of PPG 2021 clear.

2. Trufiber carbon fiber hood

3. carbon fiber roof

4. carbon fiber trunk

5. carbon fiber spoiler

6. carbon fiber rocker panels

7. carbon fiber front splitter

8. carbon fiber mirror covers

9. painted custom graphics

10. custom badges

11. custom fuse box cover

12. custom ICM cover

13. Billet Shock Tower Covers

14. polished billet mounting hardware

15. Bangastang Radiator Cover

16. custom airbrushing

17. custom interior

18. Eibach Coil Overs

19. Lower Control Arms

20. Billet interior

21. custom trunk lid liner

22. custom dyno tuning


The list goes on and on.


The car is called the Bangastang Hell Snake, it's the first that we've built and available from Bangastang.

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sure is a great looking ride. i have some proxy 4's on my 300 srt. i;m damn sure that sucker has zero traction.

x2 on the vids for one of the best looking stangs I've seen.

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