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I need to add a brake to my jetski trailer, Help?!


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So some of you may remember my lawnmower thread back around thanksgiving. Basically it was purchased primarily to tow my jetski from the front yard to the rear shed. It is very hilly between the two with some obstacles. The little lawnmower has zero issues pulling it up and down the hills and my ski w. trailer weighs around right around 800 lbs.


When i tried it out in the fall the lawnmower didnt have any issues braking. However after repeated times the lawnmowers brakes will wear away and leave me with nothing.


I want to come up with a breaking system JUST for when im towing by the lawnmower. I took my volt meter and the battery is producing 12v evenly while the lawnmower is running. I have the plate behind the trailer wheels so i could add a 10" electric brake pretty easily. I rather brake the lawnmower using the trailer then visaversa.


My thought is one brake should be more then enough? i would rig up variable switch to apply the brakes as im hitting the foot brake on the lawnmower. Obviously the brake or brakes would have to be submersible but they wouldnt be used on the road.


Thoughts? something simpler? im going to de-winterize it in april and would like to have this done by then sense i need to repack the trailer bearings before the season. Perfect time to do it :D



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It'll take some tuning if you're pulling it through anything other than concrete or asphalt. Electric brakes tend to come on pretty quickly and will cause your light trailer wheels to lock up. You can of course tune the way it comes on, but in grass or slippery stuff, it's hard to tune them down enough. Have you looked at hydraulic brakes? The unit mounts on the tongue of the trailer (where the ball goes) and when the tractor slows, it pushes the trailer forward which applies the brakes. They tend to be a bit more progressive.



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hmm ididnt even think about that. your right even set to the lightest brake sense its so light it will probably still drag on the grass.


hydraulic brakes are expensive and i didnt really plan on braking on the highway.I would also have to get the reverse lockout system so they dont seize when i reverse down the boat ramp. I dont know, do you think slowing down on the tractor would even activate the brakes considering im only going 1-2mph in 2nd gear.


maybe there is someway to not use the hitch activation and use some type of hydraulic hand brake.


I wonder if they make upgraded brakes for small lawn tractors lol!

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