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New PC questions



So I'm new to machine polishing first off. I had some free time today and decided to try it out. My truck is in good shape for a 2002 silverado.


Prep wash


Swirl haze

Fine machine polish

Super sealant


Ok so after swirl and haze I moved on to the polish I did about 3 passes for both. I'm still noticing some fine swirls in the paint. I didn't think the swirls were that bad so I didn't get the Severe swirl. Is it my technique, not enough passes or should I used more aggressive pad? It looks much better than before but still not perfect! Any input guys?

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Chase and Jason, its best you guys tape of a 2' x 2' area on your hood or if you have a flat trunk lid and perfect the test area before moving on. This way you will know what it takes to get perfection.


1) Start with the least agressive method first (FMP, SHR, SSR)

2) apply enough pressure

3)you must move the PC slowly.

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I have about 80 hours behind my PC. And I feel ready to move onto a flex. I wish I could practice with one first so I could get a feel for it. The pc is awesome don't get me wrong but it seems (from what I have read) that the flex is faster and more for the people seem to choose it over the pc.

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