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2003 cobra paint



Hey guys i'm correcting a friends 2003 cobra from what I can see and he can tell from the Carfax its factory paint. He bought it about a month ago. Its black forgot the name of the black they used.


My question is how hard is the paint if any of you have experience with this car? Its low miles I think like 65000 and from what I can tell garage kept before he bought it but the paint is pretty swirly and hazy. Should I be prepared to do a three stage polish or is it soft paint that I can hit it with a couple of passes with SHR on my PC. It will all be done with a PC no flex yet sadly.


I will take some pics for y'all to. Thanks

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Ford clear coat is not that hard. Always start with the tankard 2x2 section and go from there. Car fax is helpful but not always 100% accurate.


Dangit I meant to type clear I was talking to a friend about repainting his house when I wrote this haha.


Yeah grew up in a body shop so I know how the Carfax thing goes haha. That's my plans I just didn't know if I should plan on having the car 5 hours or 9 hours or whatever. Guess I will just find out tomorrow.

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