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Will Adam's ever sell just the Flex bag? reason i ask is because mine just ripped on the top and i am in need of a new one...anyone else use anything different? i remember the thread about the plastic Flex case but that is more then i want to spend...thanks!

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I think the Flex bag might be made in China or somewhere similar, so I doubt Adam's will sell it. I bought mine from Adam's dealer Detailer's Domain, but their website shows it out of stock right now. It fits fine in Adam's Premium Detailing Bag, which is actually a better bag than the Flex one.

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wow talk about rolling out of bed and not thinking before posting....didnt even think about Adam's bag....i smacked myself in the back of the head...is that bag big enough to carry both the PC and Flex?


the flex bag just ripped to shreds so you can tell it has great quality..i thought Adam's had a 2nd style of bag as well?

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Here's my Adam's bag with my PC:




Here's my Flex bag with the Flex:




And here's an Adam's bag with both polishers:




So yes, both will fit in the same bag, and I was still able to get the polishes and pads in the bag after I took the pic, it's just a much tighter fit. Adam's did have a second type of bag, that I believe was limited production, so I guess they finally sold out of them. It was a slightly smaller bag more intended to carry gear for a car show and such.

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I had no need for an Adam's bag since I keep all my products together in a large storage bin, and all my towels in a separate smaller bin. But I've slowly started running out of space and didn't even think about grabbing a bag for my PC and pads and eventually my Flex when ever I purchase it.


Thanks for providing those pics! :cheers:

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