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Which Pad To Use With Revive Polish?



I've been reading some posts where it's suggested to use the Machine Super Sealant & Wax Pad for applying Revive Polish. After reviewing the description on this pad it reads, "The super-soft foam used to make Adam's Machine Super Sealant & Wax Pad has no polishing properties."


I would of thought to use the Fine Machine Polishing Pad instead since it's for "Gloss Enhancement & Pre Wax Cleaning" and Revive is labeled as a "Perfect Pre-Wax Cleaner."

I know this may not even really matter since Revive is intended to be applied by hand which could cancel out trying to use any pad at all. This is why I was looking for clarity on this since I see it mentioned to use with pads.

Just trying to gain more knowledge for myself. Thanks guys! :cheers:

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