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While shopping it came to me that a possibility would be for the customer to come up with their own shopping packages. I remember a while ago we had the ability to pick and choose different gallons at different price points. We got just what we needed for the price we wanted. For example I would like to get the gallons essentials but I don't use waterless wash however for the same price of the WW i could use the wash combo. Make sense or is this a contact the company issue?

Happy Fathers Day

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As long as the gallons are the same price, you can just place in the notes section of the checkout screen you would like to replace the waterless wash with the shampoo. If there was a price difference you'd need to contact Ashley or Lynn via call or chat to get the adjustment at checkout.


I know when I ordered the 3 step polish bundle I replaced the swirl and haze with machine super sealant since I already had a bottle of swirl and haze from my first order. Ashley told me just to specify in the notes section and the warehouse would make the swap while packaging.

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