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Oh my god, look what i've found...


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Man I remember driving around in my friends brand new black T-Top Berlinetta back in the day. The interior in that car was so better than the Z28 of that year.


Its a classic that's for sure

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If I had the extra change and a place to keep it I probably would also.

Im trying to find a new daily driver right now but that would be a nice car to have. Just give it some TLC and go to some shows.

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I don't see it... I see an anemic engine in an ill handling ill constructed vehicle. I also see something that will rust out in NO TIME if you use it as a DD in the winter months in NJ.


Don't piss your money away on it... It's putting good money over bad... Buy something reliable and well put together, and when you get older and have more money to throw around, buy a money pit.


JMO Chris

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Berlinettas are so ugly! Not sure why they ever made them. I do however wish I still had my 3rd Gen...miss that car :(


IMO, don't waste your money on it. Get something better...




haha, i trust your judgement!

And I still am trying to start my credit going, ect...


But I'm trying to trade in my F150 for another vehicle, because of the horrid rust problem...


Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I have a budget of about.... 5k.

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