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2011 Mini Cooper Clubman S Pristine (lease takeover)


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Well, My business is growing and rapidly. Its getting to the point I barely drive my Mini as i am ALWAYS in my workvan, and I can use this money that goes into the mini for hireing employees and re-investing even more into my company.


So its time to sell my toys to continue to build my company.


2011 *Garaged* Mini Cooper Clubman S 6Speed 12,985 on the clock, well under the average. 3 year 36k lease. Lease is up in December 2013 so just a bit shy of 1 1/2 years left. Monthly payment is $420.38 per month assuming 700+ credit score and 6% sales tax/month (your payment may go down or up considering your states sales tax rate). $19,750 (negotiable) residual at lease end if you choose to buy out the lease. If anyone on Adams is interested in this I will pay the the BMW financial lease transfer document fee of $500 and willing to drive up to 300 miles to deliver her to her new home!


Shes Pristine, Has Alta CAI, "aftermarket" (mini) rims, painted brake calibers and the trim is blacked out and Mini Maintenance done at all intervals. I have the original Air Intake for lease return. Please PM with any questions, ill get some interior shots but these are what i have for now. Its a great fun car and i get 42 MPG on the highway, regularly average 36mpg city/highway :thumbsup:




Top Two are the most updated pics with the blacked out trim.













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Eh, I'd be interested if it was an automatic! :D








Good luck Brendon. It's got to be tough getting rid of that sweet toy. But you are doing the right thing for yourself and your business. Congrats on your success and good luck bro!

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Does this mean you'll be changing your forum name to 2PedalWorkVan? :) Good luck with the sale. I'm sure you'll hate to see it go but you seem to be doing it for the right reasons.

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2PedalWorkvan :lol: :lol:


Thats awesome! thanks guys, actually at this point I just want to get rid of it, its a burden for lack of a better word. Ill miss her thats for sure but she is the last thing im thinking about when i get home. Ive been so busy that ive been doing consultations in the morning and installs in the afternoon, where I would drive my mini to consultations i cant haul a bunch of tools in her so its the workvan for now! :jester:


Shes fun, thats for sure! later on in life ill get another toy but for now my sights are set on the business :thumbsup:

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