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New car....



So I picked up my 2013 3.8 Genesis Coupe Track about 3 months ago. When I bought it was I was forced into their Rust Protection Ziebart Package because it had already been done when I picked up the car. I kinda went with it or whatever, was a little pissed off that I was forced into paying $500 for this BS package but I was so excited about the car I blew it off. Anyway, their package comes with a full detail as well as the rust protection blahblah. It took a bit for me to notice the massive swirling they did when the car was buffed. I've always two bucket washed the car, and no one has touched it besides me. Obviously, I've emailed the dealership about reimbursement on the package since I will not be taking my car back there, and I still haven't received a response. Not only that, but one of my girlfriends' sisters decided to hug my car because she loved it so much. She left two nice big (but light) scratches from her belt that go the length of the hood. I'll try to get some pics for you guys, but its cloudy out right now :(.


ANYWHO, that's the background. My main question is, I just purchased a number of products (PC and polish kit, interior stuff, etc.). I plan to wash, clay, and polish the car this weekend. I was just wondering what exactly people tape off (if anything).


Heres a google image of the car:




There's hood vents on top that I'm guessing need taped off, some people mention taping the ENTIRE vehicle trim, yet I haven't seen it done in any videos. Why is this? I plan to tape off the badges. Also, is it standard practice to go over the entire vehicle with each polish process (Swirl N Haze remover, FMP, sealant) or just go over the paint? i.e. headlights, taillights, fog lights, ALL glass, etc. I'm talking about every square inch except for the plastic panels on the outside of the car. I think that's all my questions, feel free to chime in with any other info :).



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Nice Car,


I would think you would only need to tape off the areas where your PC may come in contact with the Trim. For example I always tape off the the plastic part of a window where it attaches to the metal. If you touch your PC with one of the polishes it will leave a mark. I would not tape off the glass or lights. You can actually polish those as well.


As far has banges go I would only tape off the the badges if they are sharp and could damage your pads. You can also get close with a PC and polish even closer to the emblems by hand.


So for what little I know of your car based off your picture I would tape off the trim around your windows, The vents on your hood, maybe your door handles, and maybe the emblems. Everything els should be fine as long as you are careful

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