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Best Oil *Extractor* ?


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I need to buy an oil extractor for my Jet Ski and my Dads Audi. Ive spent a few hours searching for some oil extractors and cant decide on a single one. I know Mityvac is good but im not sure which model to go with. Ive read the pneumatic ones sometimes work good and other times dont and your better off with a hand pump.


Can anyone help me here? :o


Ive also read that an extractor with a rigid insertion tube is best because you can push it past the bends in the dipstick. here is the one that im currently looking at Mityvac


TIA :thumbsup:

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We have the same Seadoo and we use this one:[ame=http://www.amazon.com/LiquiVac-Liquivac-Topside-Oil-Changer/dp/B001445IZ8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1345297277&sr=8-7&keywords=oil+extractor]Amazon.com: Liquivac Topside Oil Changer: Automotive[/ame]


We've been boating since I was two (38 now) and we've used this one as long as I can remember. I bought the latest one about 6 years ago.


I went to the nearest hardware store and bought some smaller diameter tubing that's harder and fits right into the hose that comes with the sucker. I stick it down the dipstick hole and suck away... It makes quick work of it all!

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