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Greetings from the land of MOPAR


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Just officially saying “Hello”. I’ve lurked for a while, but want to contribute where I can. I’m pretty much a hobbyist…enthusiastic, but a hobbyist nonetheless. Turns out, there’s a lot more details to this whole detailing thing.


I have Charger and Jeep Liberty. I know there’s a number of other Moparians out there, so hopefully I’m in good company.


To the marketing people I say: “I’m here because of The Junkman.” :bow: I understand that is not unique...I'm just another disciple. His examples and contributions around the various Charger/LX boards not only piqued my curiosity, but inspired me to do better when it came to caring for my ride. The man is a prophet of detailing and an evangelist of Adams.


There are some beautiful cars around here. You all do such a great job. I aspire to that level of shine. I’m in Fresno, CA and with dust around here it will be an uphill battle. Challenge accepted. :glasses:

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