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Detailers Nightmare...or dream. Depends on yer perspective.



I now introduce... the DevilSpawn (aka whitefly(Aleyrodidae)) :




This evil little bastage, is wrecking havoc here in south Florida. "They" will call it various similar names, but make no mistake this creature is destroying finishes (i.e. car paint, boat gel-coat, etc) all over the place. "<You> may have noticed plant leaves that are yellowing, dropping, covered with white waxy material called flocculent, or covered with whitefly excrement called honeydew and its accompanying sooty mold. Plants, walkways, cars, outdoor furniture and even pools may become covered with the sticky material or flocculent."


And trust me... it doesnt take much to completely cover an area with this "sticky material".... I've seen a car get completely covered with tiny dots of "material" within just a few hours!


So folks... the work is out there... Just gotta get to it! :pc:

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The little bastages found a couple of our gumbo-limbo trees that used to shade the cars all day... So I get to cry every morning now. I'd take out my flame-thrower and solve the problem; but the wife would get a little upset. Soon...I'm not gonna give a ch!t. :mad:


OH, and did I mention the mold that follows these little buggers... turns the limbs BLACK and next thing ya know...those "juices" are dripping too! SO I've got THAT to look forward too! :help:

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