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So along with my Merino wash mitt special, I received my first gallon of the sacred All Purpose Cleaner. :bow: Let me tell you, it works as good as they say. I mixed some 50/50 in my kitchen and immediately tested it on my stove top. Had a few nights of cooking spills and grease on it. I wiped of the loose stuff with a sponge and the spayed on the APC. I let it sit for about 30 seconds and then wiped it down. The stuff cut through with no effort whatsoever. I had to scrub one little spot and that was it.


I then actually tried it on my car. I wanted to clean my tires in preparation for some SVRT I'll have coming. I rinsed the tires with hose water and noticed the water beading and immediately running off the tire. This indicated the legacy dressing was still present in force. I sprayed on the APC and let it sit about 30 seconds again. I then scrubbed the tires with a short bristled nylon brush. It certainly was doing something because it got all brown and dirty as I scrubbed. I rinsed and repeated. The last time I rinsed the water was no longer being rejected by the tire and clinging in sheets. It appeared to have scrubbed the MgDressing right off. Very nice!


Just out of curiosity, what happens if you, god forbid, let the APC dry before rinsing it. No one ever seems to say what happens, so it must be bad...with the surface burst into flames or what?

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