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How do you like your music?


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When your in your Adamized ride, how do you listen to your tunes?

Loud or quite? Windows up or down?


Me personally, loud windows down sunglasses on. :shades:


I try to be respectful though, never loud in my neighborhood, clean music, and turn it down if I'm passing thru a generally quite area. :rockon:


Pandora Classic Rock and Rage Against the Machine never let me down if I want to rock out. :loser:

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Windows down and music turned up! And the bad part is a girl I've been hanging out with a lot lately is the same way, but our tastes in music are very different and it's kinda hard to look tough even in a boss 302 when Katy Perry is blasting!






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Kody that is funny but Katy Perry is hoooootttt like a Boss 302!




Oh trust me I know that too! I got to see her movie (documentary) in 3D with the same girl.


You just can't help but wonder what other people on the road are thinking when they see a race red boss 302, making as much exhaust noise as I do (roush axle backs, open side exhaust, and I typically hold gears longer than I need to for extra noise), blasting Katy Perry, and has a pretty woman singing along at the top of her lungs. But whatever as long she's having fun I'm happy.

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