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  1. Looking good. Really makes me miss my goat
  2. Looking good and loving the blue on your mustang. Patriot definetly makes for a great shine. I do the same thing with brilliant glaze topped with patriot. Really makes the paint pop.
  3. I normally throw a coat of glaze on before the Patriot. Doesn't hurt either on top or bottom.
  4. Thanks for the info. Going to coat them with quick sealant and put them on a small pallet to keep them off the ground. I got the info for sealing them off of tire rack. But it seems that it is not needed.
  5. I just bought the same pressure washer. Worked great on the deck. May not be as powerful as the gas one I had but it's perfect for around the house and for the car. It also is pretty stable.
  6. I know this isn't totally a detailing question. People say to store tires in a sealed plastic bag and not to use a tire dressing. I just bought a set of used rims and tires and cleaned then thoroughly with deep wheel cleaner and all purose cleaner. I plan on sealing the rims with quick sealant or super sealant. But is it OK to use svrt on the tires and seal them up? I just feel like I dry the tires out with the apc and dwc.
  7. Yea, I'm sure it has a lot to do with the paint or the pressure you apply while drying or washing. Just try less pressure like other have said. Let the wash pad and drying towel do the work. It shouldn't take pressure to remove dirt or especially water. If dirt is stuck let some soapy water dwell on the area for a while maybe even try some waterless wash. I heard that works well for stuck on bugs. When drying try laying the towel and dragging it off and less of a buffing action maybe. The car that I just bought has super soft paint and noticed some swirls already after just one wash. So my technique needs a little work. My 04 Silverado had a lot harder clear coat than the new wrx I just got.
  8. Im sure he will be back working soon. Best wishes and prayers sent
  9. Definetly a great pic. Plus it has my truck in it. looks like the ultimate aero was gone at the time this picture was taken
  10. Good time! Eric I spoke to you for about 2 seconds but you were busy and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Was nice to see all the cars and trucks there. Definetly the biggest turnout Ive seen. Was nice to see all the different cars. Was surprised not to see one gto, and only one G8.
  11. I was thinking of making the same topic when i cleaned up my silverado. i say no. Im not going to spend time on the roof when only a few will ever see the top. Im 5'6" i can't see the roof unless i jump haha
  12. I try to "wring" out as much as possible and let them air dry. Or i pop them in the dryer after "wringing" them out and put it on "air" i wouldnt think of putting them on hot or anything like that
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