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Good Guys West Coast 26th Annual Car Show

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Last weekend I attended the Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton CA and visited the Adams booth. I love Adams products and pride myself on knowing the history of Adam and where it all began and some tips that are taught by Adam and his crew via web/DVD or any other means available. I don't want to put anybody down but when unvisited the booth I was disappointed at the lack of knowledge from the 2 sales people attending the booth! I was bragging on how great the products were and when I got on the topic of Adam and how he started etc... They both looked at me like I was making up a story. I guess I'm just venting because I use and truly believe in Adams. Well at least the booth looked great and the products were abundant!

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I'm sorry to hear this.


Bruce will take care of anything you need, and is very knowledgeable of our stuff.


Plus he has a TBSS, so you know he's good.


Thanks Mook! Hate to hear anyone have a less than stellar Adam's experience.


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I was there on Saturday and was very disappointed. Was missing a lot of products and didn't have to many answers to what I was asking about. I had a big list to pick up since it was local and walked away with 1 can of in n out spray.

Don't know if they were husband an wife team but said he was from Oregon and Adam had called him earlier that week to see if he could make the show. ..

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Again, I'm sorry to hear anyone had a bad experience, especially when the Brand isn't being represented to expectations. Please use Bruce as your local guy, I can't say enough good about him.




You buckin' for raise in your commission check? LOL.

Thanks Mook, appreciate the nice words.

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