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09 G8 GT....Detailed..


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So I just finished detailing toms car went by friday to do my strip wash and detail the engine bay and get familiar with the lines on his car...products are all adams...except 1 or 2...then I woke up early the next day and began with a clay bar (thankful for his garage).. then I taped of the edges of his vinyl hood and began with orange pad and shr it removed all but one scratch that needed to be wet sanded so 1 pass of shr followed by 1 pass of fmp took care of all of the swirls and scratches that were there...also found where a body shop had done some wet sanding and left a ton of micromarring that made it look hazy. I pretty much removed it all but if I wanted perfection I had to finish it down with 2000 grit wet and polish it out...after I put a nice coat of quick sealant followed by brilliant glaze then sandwiched that under some americana paste wax...and commence the face melting....


Chemical guys citrus wash with adams all purpose cleaner.

Adams all purpose cleaner

Adams clay bar

Adams detail spray

Flex vrg3401 polisher

Adams severe swirl remover

Adams swirl and haze remover

Adams fine machine polish

Adams waterless wash

Adams quick sealant

Adams in and out spray

Adams super vrt

Adams brilliant glaze

Adams americana paste wax

Adams single soft towels

Adams double soft towels

Adams waterless wash towels

Adams edgeless utility towels

Adams great white drying towels

Adams boulder blonde boars hair brush

Adams wheel and fender brush

Adams grit guard inserts

Meguiars 105 ultra cut compund...

And me....


Pictures u ask...






























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Did you try the severe swirl and haze remover before the m105?? I'm just wondering because it seems like for more abused paint people are using the m105 for the Adams. No I'm not encouraging people tk go out and try it or use it, just wondering what separates the 105 from the SS&H remover??

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