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Hurricane cleanup



No power for 5 days , tress down ( no leaves to rack this winter)and only 1 piece of facia off the house.

After cutting up 2 trees, putting up pc of fence and other mics cleaning / yard work; it's car time. The Mustang is garaged so she needed the master blaster , waterless wash and detail spray. Then I took a time out; I hadn't heard the whine of the supercharger so I took a quick spin. The Camry was another story.... Blow out leaves ( how did they get in some of the places they blew out from )and a full wash followed by Svrt , under carriage spray and a DS wipe down. The Highlander will have to wait for latter this week; I'm pooped out.

Now it's time for some football.

I was going to order flex over labor day sale but had other things on my list but did get Americana ordered on Tuesday or Wednesday.

So goes life in Southeast Louisiana.

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