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New toy for me Infiniti QX56, about to get ADAMIZED!!


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Well, my father has confiscated my Vette for a few months and probably forever lol, so I splurged and prepared myself for a new adventure this week! It will get the full A-Z Adam's polishes makeover this weekend but here's a just from the dealer pic. Surprisingly, They actually delivered it in a very pristine way paintwise. Shouldn't need more than a Clay, FMP and Wax/Seal w/the Flex. I can't find any swirls which is nice!! I'll post the aftershots next week! Hope everyone is doing well up here!!




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Here you go, Just did Dawn wash, clay, Adam's 2 bucket wash, FMP w/FLEX (didn't really need it, but made me feel better), and Quick Sealant all the way around, and on the wheels. Dealer actually didn't hide any issues, a first for me!! :thumbsup:




Did the Vette up nice for my dad too!:burnout:



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