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  1. since you said you use this truck as a truck, I'd skip the glaze
  2. 75% coverage here in Dallas
  3. my bad....ha, be nice or don't play at all. Dang, duhhh must be a bad word!
  4. duhhh, that's not its intended purpose!
  5. i agree! if you have disposable income, go for the big boy MB but if you use the sidekick for anything other than drying the entire car, its perfect
  6. i go naked...its under the hood so the only time I see it is after I wash it. I'll take that time and use it somewhere on the exterior
  7. those dudes have balls of steel!
  8. i use the same for less contaminated towels as it is dye free and run an extra rinse cycle...I believe it does a good job for soiled towels I'll use MF revitalizer
  9. sealant goes directly onto bare paint as it offers the most protection (of what you purchased). You can stop there as a wax is not necessary or then add either americana or buttery on top of the sealant.
  10. I have Adams products and it didn't protect my car last Sunday night, ha...if only they made a hail protection coating!!!!
  11. they are the exact same towel, just different color and size. I too prefer the waterless wash towels over the GWDT, easier to handle
  12. ^ as Sizzle Chest said...wheel coating will handle the heat better
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