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  1. I'd play it safe and do paint correction. I have no faith in Strip Wash. Its the only product by Adam's I dont like.
  2. I'd be happy with a black and red version of the last flex fit style hap made by Pacific headwear.
  3. Yet to be announced but it has been talked about by an Adam's employee on here
  4. I purchased one at 19.99 plus 15% off. Next day it was 29.99 Edit. It was even in the first new product email
  5. It is good but you have to take care of it. Air dry it well after use. Comb the Mitt after it dries. Personally I dont care for them. I like the red Mitt Adam's sells and other brands offer
  6. From what I read, the iron remover will activate 75% faster and is thinner so it will go farther than the WC. I'm waiting for it to show up. To me thinner and activating faster is a benefit. I'll use less product and achieve the same results. I find the WC is great for wheels but doenst really cover well on paint. It basically stays where you spray it. If you dont want to order the new product, you can use WC at full strength or 1:1 using distilled water.
  7. PM me and I'll share a place that has a grey trim restore product.
  8. PPF is definitely something I would have done had I had the funds at time of purchase. My area I was quoted $3000 for Xpel ultimate including" paint correction" by the local Porsche dealer for the '17 Explorer for full front, a, b, c & d pillars. Another window tint shop quoted me $800 for full front w/o paint correction using SunTek PPF. I didn't bother looking for pricing on my lease silverado. Ultimately, if it was my vehicle and not the wife's, I would have corrected the paint myself and had the front end done. She was adamant that it wasnt needed. It would have saved the front end on
  9. Anyone notice an increase in product descriptions being wrong. For example the new Adam's hat, it says it has the favorite circle logo, but it's clearly not. I've also seen a number of products go up at one price, only to increase in price the next day and then the lower price isn't honored because it was incorrect. The latter hasn't happened to me but still sucks and I'm sure if frustrating for both sides. Just surprised this is happening all of a sudden, i never noticed any of this in the past.
  10. So who went and took pics of the unannounced products that Matt implied would be on display??
  11. For sale is a used black Adam's foam cannon. It works perfectly but has fallen to the ground a time or two so you will see some scrape marks in the plastic and bottle. Asking $60 plus shipping. Only thing I'll accept for trade is the adams fireman's nozzle. * Also for sale locally
  12. I use this sprayer for Rinseless pre-spray. Works great and is a great price point.
  13. I use this one in the yard and it would work great for Waterless/Rinseless. When pumped up good it has good pressure and the wand has the ability to do a stream or a mist. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Roundup-1-Gal-EZ-Pump-Sprayer-190500/300259181
  14. I prefer the towel application method for Ceramic Boost. Helps to reduce over spray onto windows.
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