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finally picked up a master blaster today!!



found out my local motorcycle superstore sells them (iron pony), decided i was gonna try it out and was planning on purchasing the sidekick. After looking at them, they had 3 different models, I decided to go with this one Air Force® Blaster Motorcycle Dryer | Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner

quite a bit more than i wanted to spend, but just washed the truck and it worked great. Took maybe 10-15 minutes to blow all the water out of the crevices and did a pretty good job of getting the bulk of the water off of the rest of the truck. Then followed with a quick ds mist and great white. Wanted the big master blaster, but for $100 cheaper this little guy worked great. Nice and small so it's easy to store in my packed garage, and very easy to walk around the truck holding the unit in one hand and the hose in the other.

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found a little trick other users were doing with this master, the foot pegs are pretty small and it tends to fall over quite a bit. Attached a shoulder strap to the handle, now i can walk around the whole truck with it hanging over my shoulder lol

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