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Sometimes, You Just Gotta' Replace It!



After bathing the interior of my Red 73 in Adam's VRT and letting it soak in on a warm summer day with the windows rolled up, I was literally amazed at what a huge difference it made. 41 year old vinyl felt like new again. And I was able to buff the gloss down with an ordinary red cotton shop rag. The problem is - after 41 years - the seams just started giving way. The passenger seat split along a stitch line and the material was just too tired to hold a new seam. Also, the grain on the door panels had been literally worn smooth in spots. SO - I ordered brand new pre-assembled door panels from PUI along with brand new Horse-Collar seat foams and Custom seat covers. I dismantled my seats and completely re-built them following PUI's instructional video on YouTube. Let me tell you, if you did interiors for a living 40 hours a week, you would have a grip like Mighty Joe Young and forearms like Popeye. The seats took 8 hours total and the door panels took another 4 the next day. Luckily, the back seat did not need to be replaced - heck, I don't think it had ever been sat in. If anyone out there gives this a try, just be patient and use ALOT of steam to soften the covers and smooth out the wrinkles. Anyway, HERE THEY ARE!

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