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Time Change


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I do love it when the time falls back :rockon:


The air was crisp and cool this morning and the sun was just barely coming up at the time I usually wake up.


I felt like I should be out at a cabin, splitting logs before starting a fire under a cast iron skillet to fry some bacon!


...Sorry, got off topic there. I'm loving the cooler weather and shorter days!

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Worked a 12, I mean 13 hour shift... only get paid for 12 regardless of the time change. It sucks but its part of the job.


Does suck being on nights that now when I come into work its getting dark, I leave work, its still dark :(

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Work 3rd shift so it makes no difference to me.. it actually makes my job a nightmare considering I deal with financial data that has a time and stamp on everything that I deal with. Computers are not the friendliest things when the date and time is changed on thousands of files.

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