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Do you remember...


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...this first time you kissed a girl?


This is my 3 year old apbt, Loki…


This is my girl friend’s lovable 3 year old apbt, Izzy.


Loki has NEVER been socialized really….so he was a big concern on how he would react. Add that with my GF tends to have a bit of fear of what Loki could do to Izzy, and we hadn’t really tried to bring them together. But during the day I noticed that they, as I let each out and roam the house, they would say “hi” to each other through the crates.





I watched this go on today…and I made a decision that i was sure Renee wouldn’t support. I waited until she left and I let them both out (with loki on the leash). For a bit there…neither Loki, or I, was sure how this would go….But Izzy is a “love-bug” and…she caught Loki off guard (LMAO…his face SLAYS me here):


And that was it. I lost my best friend. Like a SUCKER he fell in love with the first girl that ever kissed him :(



Still a better love story than TWILIGHT.:thumbsup:

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Haha that's awesome. I like how he's a book stand


i love my pup loki...and i make sure he gets to spend alot of time with me...even if i'm just assembling a BBQ pit. he stayed just like that the whole time when i set the manual on him lol. such a good, helpful, buddy.

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pffft. Loki aint evil....but he is smart. i realized quickly that the only reason he helped me build the grill is so he knew how to use it. i swear that punk completely stole a t-bone from the fridge and seared it to med-rare perfection while i was at work last week #$%^#!!

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Loki clearly is amused, yet you can see in his body language, he' loving the new company!


no doubt. they both really enjoy spending time together. i can't wait for the weekend when i can have them out with me for an extended amount of the day :) right now...they only get play time together AFTER i get home, eat, and workout.

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I have a feeling that video is similar to how Mook and Dylan are now in the warehouse ever since Dylan's arrival Colorado! :lolsmack:



naked, covered in saliva, and rolling around on the floor?



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