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Porter Cable 7424XP


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Edit: This is the HD model with the much longer cord (over twice as long as a normal model) and it was $30 extra to get this feature.


A new one would be around ~150-160 for this and shipping will cost me hopefully around $20.


So how does $120 shipped to your doorstep sound?



Hey guys, I have a porter cable 7424xp with approximately ~20 hours on it.


I have everything that came with it, box, pad, dvd, wrench, backing plate, the works.


I'm not sure how much these things go for and I assume shipping will be around $20 dollars so let me know if you would be interested in buying it.


I'm not sure how much these go for so if anyone knows, let me know please :grouphug:










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I'm may be interested. How long ago did you buy it? Everything works fine I assume? If you have any pics that would be great. Pm me what you looking to get for it. Thanks.


Only a few months; I'll put up some pics in a few minutes :)

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Can be a good deal. I am after a Flex. I love my PC, keep it for the 4" pads. Can not go wrong with it. Should work out good for someone. :lolsmack:


I did the same. Kept the PC for the 4"



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