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BMW 335i, 370z, & other details

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To make this as short as possible I'll only post after pics.


This is an '08 BMW 335i. This had to be the hardest clear I've ever experienced. I had to do 2-3 passes with the most aggressive stuff in my arsenal to get to this. I wanted to get it perfect but there were water spots on the hood, roof, and deck lid that just would not come out. I was able to remove the water spots on the metal trim that is exposed when the top is down.


On to the pics:

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Here we have a 96 Bronco with 54k original miles. The customer found it in Colorado. I washed and clayed this on Sunday then the customer sent me a text on Monday and wanted to know if I could also do the engine. Before I replied I looked under the hood and was blown away. I did not expect to see a brand new engine with an Edelbrock intake and MSD ignition. I simply did a DS wipedown and hit it with I&O. I should have taken more pics of the engine but at least I have one.


On to the pics

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