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New car dealers and how, umm crappy they deliver cars..


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Well I know Im new to the forums and stuff. I've been reading here for quite a bit tho. Gotta say great place.


So anyways.. I've been involved with two new car purchases this year. One for my girlfriend and one with my brother. The GF got a 2013 Accord with the V6 and nav. My brother just picked up his 2014 1SS Camaro Blue Ray Metallic with white stripes. Both times I told the dealer not to worry about cleaning the car up and I'll do it.But they did anyways. Grr.  Mostly cause I'm pretty anal about cars. My GTO is like a sheet of glass again and I like to try to keep my cars that way.


Well when the gf took the delivery of the Accord I couldn't wait to get it home.Because of the splotches in the paint in certian light (yes I pointed it out to the salesman haha), swrils and just some lack luster shine to the new paint.


Then with my brothers SS, the swril marks out the a**, the salesman cleaning the car with window cleaner and paper towels (I told him just to effing stop...) dirty inteior and a few small scratches. I don't have any of the Adam's paint correcting stuff, but I am very avid user of the 3M product line and my rotoray buffer.. lol I have been now for the past 15 years or so and for the "top coat" as I call, I used Zaino all the time after the correcting was done..


Ok you're wondering how the eff does this go along with the Adam's stuff.. Welp here we go, Back in Feb of this year, my GTO was hit on the drivers side while it was parked. Ok no big deal just take it to the body shop and have it fixed....... Which turned into repainting most of the car except the roof trunk and spoiler... haha Opps.  (Don't worry I had them repainted that stuff also so the car is all one color now)


I was thinking that while the car was apart I might look into what new car care products there are out there and came across the Adams stuff over on ls1gto.com.. Hrm I thought to myself and looked into for  a bit.. Then after that didnt put much thought into till my gf got her Accord. Which just happened to be around the time my GTO was getting repainted finally.  I went to check on the GTO's progress and they had what I wanted repainted... Then I looked at the roof of it and noticed how Zaino looked friggin awesome when applied correctly, it just didn't do anything to the paint. Like it didnt keeping it from aging... If that makes sense. Right then I new it was time for a change again. It was 15 years since I've used something new to me anways.


That is when I looked back into the Adams stuff. Went online and bought the detail kit in a bucket with the Americana. When I got , the order in, I couldn't wait to get to cleaning up the GF's car. Holy s*** I was impressed.. The Accord had the "pop" that the car should of had when it left the dealer. Everything went on smoothly, the clay bar got all the rail dust off the car, the glaze made it look like sheet of glass and a nice wet look to the paint.


Samething with the brothers car. He coulding beleive today just the difference the glaze did to the shine and wet look to the paint of his SS.


Thats how I new I made the right choice in switch over to mostly all Adams stuff..


*whew* rant over. lol







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the paint of my new raptor is effed.  i think they washed it at the dealer with steel wool and fast orange.  the front fenders were the worst, and three passes with the new microfiber pads and compounds barely made a dent in the scratches/spiderwebs/swirls/holograms.  


figure im gonna offroad the truck - its going to see its share of dirt and branches, so i'll be polishing more than enough to make a small dent every time.  

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Not all dealers scratch the hell out of their cars, but most probably do and you're best off asking for your car not to be cleaned.


Where I work, every new car is hand washed, clayed (usually clay alternatived), polished, and waxed.  When you come in for service though, it's a wash with a sponge or a boar's hair brush if you're lucky.  Then dried with a water blade and chamois.  

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I have stories that would make your hair stand up on your arms about dealerships and how they deliver cars to the new buyer.


I had to detail a friends new Mustang Roush last year because it had swirls and ghosting all over a brand new car. My friend witnessed them using a shop rag to wipe down the car before delivery .. WTF i that all about?


When I first purchased my G8 in 2009 I came to the deliver for delivery and seen my car being buffed when I specifically told them not to touch the car that I would detail it when I brought it home. It took me 2 days to correct the damaged they caused to the paint.

I guess thats what you should expect when they only pay some young person 9.00 an hour to do their detailing.

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