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Rinseless Wash Review

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Today I used Adam's Rinseless Wash for the first time.  I added 1 oz to about 2.5 gallons of water.  The solution was very slick.  While I didn't use Double Soft towels, I used Single Softs, the new Blue Edgeless towels, and the popular gold towel from another popular company.  I like the edgeless towels the best because they stayed folded in quarters the best.  The rinseless wash left some more solution behind after wiping then ONR does but there was no streaking after drying so it's more of an annoyance than a con.  It also works well on glass. but ONR might do a little better.  As for the smell, I couldn't even smell it once diluted and I was actually working with it so I wouldn't say it is strong like others have mentioned.


I ended up using 6 towels (48 sides) and maybe 1.5 gallons of water to do all of the paint and glass on this VW Routan.  I still use a hose for the wheels and tires.  Because of this, I would recommend just using 1oz to 2 gallons of water instead of Adam's 2oz to 5 gallons because you are just wasting solution unless you plan on storing it for the next wash.  Just my $.02.  Adam's Rinseless Wash is very good and I would recommend it, but it's not mind blowingly better than what's already out there.


Not sure why Photobucket mobile is giving my pictures that jagged edge look.


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