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Silicone spray, good or bad?



Not exactly a detail or wax question, but you guys might know the answer.


I usually spray my weather stripping with silicone spray about twice a year (if I remember). I get completely opposing opinions on this practice...


1) Good, it will keep them from drying out.




2) Never use that stuff. It will dry them out because it is petroleum based.


OK, great. :help: Now I don't have a clue what to do. I use VRT on the rubber parts of the car, but I'm more worried about keeping the weather stripping from cracking, not so much about the appearance. So VRT might not be my first choice. Since you guys have to deal with products (e.g. really chemicals) that have to be compatible with a car finish plastic parts, etc., what the real skinny on silicone spray? No guessing, just the facts, please! :bow:

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