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Diameter of Metal Polish 8oz Bottle


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I'm in the process of building a bottle holder tray for my detailing cart and I want to include a couple of holes for the 8oz Metal Polish bottles for when I order them:



So I just wanted to know if the diameter of these 8oz bottles are the same as the standard 16oz bottles?


I'm guessing the 8oz bottles are the same diameter, just shorter in height... but it could be that the 8oz bottles wider than the 16oz bottles, so I just want to be sure before I start drilling the holes.




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Hi Ed,


Our 8oz and 16oz bottles both measure in at a diameter of around 2 3/8"


The diameter of the bottle holes in our detail cart measure at 3" diameter. It's enough to have wiggle room around the bottle all the way around to not scratch up labels, but still keeps them secure and prevents them from tipping over.


Let us know if you have any other questions! Thanks :)

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