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Detailing a Car for Charity--Advice Needed

Texas Moe

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My workplace is doing a charitable campaign this month.  One of the events is a silent auction where people can bid on goods and services.  Was thinking about offering a 4W car detail (wash, wax, wheels, and windows) for the silent auction but I've only ever detailed cars for friends, family, and myself.  I'm curious if there are any issues I need to know about if I offer up this service.  Thought the great minds on this forum could help me think through any potential problems.

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Although not a professional, I wold think that adding a disclaimer to your auction bid item stating that you are not to be held liable for any defect's occurring from the services you rendered.

As well, if you are contemplating doing this for some side $$ it would be prudent for you to open an LLC as well as insure your services against any unforeseeable circumstances that may arise during or after your work.


Oh yeah!! Take as many detailed pictures as possible of the before and after.

I for one enjoy drooling over the new details. Plus ot could save your bacon, should your winning bidder be " That person"


Just my honest opinion.

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