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Need to Strip



Bought my wife a new ES350 late last winter and luckily it has stayed in the garage in the worst of the weather.  It has seen very little salt, gravel, etc.

It has had one treatment of Sealant, Glaze and Buttery Wax; I have recently started using the H20 GG.

I would like to get another coat of protection on it before winter.

Is it best to strip it all the way down or can i apply Sealant and/or Glaze and/or Wax on top of what layers still exist?

Will the sealant permeate the wax if i don't (and is wasted effort)?


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I think doing a strip wash is beneficial. Check to see if you need to clay the car again after a year it might have some contaminates present. Also check the paint to see if any polishing is needed. Once you get the paint how you want it lay down some paint sealant and top it with wax americana or patriot if you prefer.

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