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Yesterday I had the chance to try the new Wash and Wax, glass cleaning towels, and the Tire and Rubber Cleaner and all I can say is wow!


The Wash and Wax was easy to use and made the car super slick and shiny.

The glass cleaning towels are marks above the old ones. Way to go Adams!

And probably my favorite new product I have tried is the Tire and Rubber cleaner....you should have seen the amount of brown sludge and road grime just running off of my tires...who knew they were that dirty and the best part ..no tire blooming.




Also tried out the Liquid Paint Sealant and the Glass Sealant...great, easy to use products as well!


P.S. I LOVE the pumpkin spice scented detail spray!!! It smells sooo good!


Two thumbs up Adams Polishes!

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