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APC diluted for stain/spot removal?



Hey guys. I'm using the carpet n upholstery cleaner right now but I'm starting to run low. Can I dilute APC down some for a pretty strong carpet/upholstery cleaner without worry of harming anything? If so what's a good dilution ratios to use. Again I'm looking for a strong stain and spot remover as good as or better than the actual cleaner.

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APC is all-purpose, but it's no substitute for upholstery cleaner.


Diluting APC any further than 1:1 with water is pointless in my opinion, as APC isn't all that strong to begin with. Try a 1:1 dilution of APC on your carpet, but be prepared for lots of elbow grease. APC doesn't foam up like C&U Cleaner, which is to say APC won't lift the contaminants out of the carpet. If you have a steamer and a strong shop vac or an extractor, you might be able to get it out that way.


If it were me, I would just either go to the store and pick up some carpet cleaner or wait for my Adam's order to come in.

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