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Ceramic Wheel Coating


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     In preparation for the upcoming Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA I wanted to clean up our 2015 Hellcat wheels. We get a lot of brake dust (particularly in the front) which makes cleaning difficult.


This is what the wheel looked like before I started but after I washed it like I normally do on the car.



I started with Adams Wheel Cleaner to pull the iron off the wheel.



I then washed the wheel again with Adams Strip Wash. I clayed both the front and barrel of the wheel. After claying I used Adams Finishing Polish, a white foam pad, and my Rupes Mini to polish the barrel. I used a blue hex applicator with the Finishing Polish on the front of the wheel. I washed the wheel again to help remove the polish. I next moved on to the Adams Coating Prep and wiped down both sides of the wheel. I then applied the  Adams Ceramic Wheel Coating per the instructions. It went on and off super easy. To avoid high spots I rolled each wheel out into the sun so I could see what I missed. I also coated the calipers the same way (minus the polish).


This is after the coating and a coating of Adams Ceramic Boost.





Caliper after the coating was applied








I am more then pleased with the results! The coating itself was super easy to apply. The hard part is getting the wheel completely cleaned and polished. I can't wait to get the wheels dirty so I can see how well they clean up!







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