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Best way to use these 4 products?



I ordered some Buttery Wax and H2O Guard and Gloss and got Wash and Wax and Detail Spray in a mystery box.  My question is, what's the best way to use these 4 products for the best result?  Obviously Wash/Wax is first, then I'd assume Buttery Wax.  Should I wait to use H2O Guard until the next wash and maybe alternate with detail spray?  Would these 4 even play nice with each other?  Thanks for any insight.  

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Overall yes the products would play well together. H20 guard and gloss and wash and wax will be your best combo to protect your paint. They are both polymer based sealants that will support each other. My advice would be to wash your car as normal. (if you want to get optimal longevity from the sealants you can decon and claybar also) and then apply H20 via the wet method and then use wash and wax as your maintenance car soap from then on out as it will enhance the effects of the guard and gloss.  

As far as the detail spray and buttery wax goes . . . detail spray should just be used as any other detail spray as a last touch dust off for car shows.Buttery wax should be used on a clean car if you feel like going the extra mile and enhancing shine and gloss. However don't expect the buttery wax effects to last more than a week-ish. But it's so easy to apply so no biggie. Enjoy the products!

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