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Topper for car Wrap



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I have a car that is wrapped with Xpel. I initially tried Ceramic Boost which was recommended when I called Adams for which of their products would be good to use on PPF.  I didn’t like the results, it didn’t leave a slick, waxed feel. So I got the Xpel sealant and was a lot happier with it. 

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You can treat PPF like paint for the most part. Typically PPF clients tend to swing for the fences and go ceramic over it. 


Depending on which XPEL product he has, it should have a hydrophobic layer manufactured into it. 


This year at SEMA the trend was to install PPF specific coatings. We are still waiting for ours to be able to be ordered. Past practice has always been to use paint coatings over it. We haven’t seen adverse results so I’m honestly not sure what the PPF specific products will add. It could be a solution looking for a problem. 


Time will tell, but whatever you use on your paint I’d use on the film to keep a uniform appearance. 

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