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Ceramic trim coating vs Ceramic black trim restore?

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Someone help me understand something here. The black trim restore darkens, has ceramic, and is cheaper.  The trim coating says "protection for months and months" the black trim restore "ceramic protection for years" Unless I'm missing something, why would I want to go with the trim coating? Even if I didn't care about restoring my trim, the description makes it sound like it protects a whole lot longer. There's obviously a reason Adam's offers both, but I'm just not seeing it.

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So originally there's a Black Trim Restorer. Essentially it's just a way of applying pigment back to faded trim. Then they have protection products to put on top of your restored black trim (products like Ceramic Trim Coating and VRT).


Now, they have come out with an all in one Ceramic Trim Restorer, which is combining the Black Trim Restorer and the Ceramic Trim Coating. And that's a good observation that you're making. This product actually debuted like 2 weeks ago, so it may be that they are trying to phase out the Trim Coating. It's also important to note that not all Trim is Black. Grey is another popular trim color, so it may be that somebody with Grey trim wants to use the Ceramic Trim Coating to not dye their trim Black.


Honestly though, it's very new and we're all still learning about it, and that may be a question for Adam's at this point.


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