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  1. thank you sir, imho that info might be useful in the product specs for people who want to know if they'll fit on their shelves.
  2. I Googled this, and unless I'm blind (which is likely) I was unable to find the dimensions. I want to get a new cabinet for detailing products but don't know how deep I should be looking for. I'm assuming 18in would be fine. But I thought I'd ask so I know for sure.
  3. Kudos! I mentioned this in the initial hand sanitizer thread, but PLEASE consider making this a permanent product. Right now it's desperately needed, but once this pandemic's under wraps. It would be awesome to have a source for a good hand santizer that's sprayable.
  4. I find it's good to ask, I've had more than I could count want one. A few even ended up commenting on how their car smells over how good the paint looked. Air fresheners are the cheapest and best thing a detailer can offer imho. If a person wants one? A few bucks, and zero time invested and they're happy. I spent about 5 hours on a minivan, did a one step and put a glaze on it. When I saw the husband a few days later he said his wife told him to tell me how wonderful it smelled. Kind of hurt my pride a bit, but hay she was a regular customer after that lol. Question to anyone who uses Adam's ones (I never have) They say they shouldn't be in direct sun light, makes sense to me. But suggest the rear view as a good place. Somewhere like Cali where it's HOT in the summer would these basically bake and have no scent after a day in the sun? Do they work well under the seat? The brand I use now are suppose to be put under the seat.
  5. Just make it so if you add 3, 6, or 12 a discount's automatically applied, they're all the same price right? It wouldn't be any more work on their end than if I added 6 different ones to my cart and bought them. I know for Adam's base customer this would be a whatever thing because how many do normal people go thru? Very few. But as a detailer I might use 25 a week. *EDIT* Okay, I was wrong I just looked and some are $3.99 and I see a few that are $1.99, they could do a variety option with a drop down that just had the ones the deal applies too. That would save me $20'ish a month if I bought them here, which isn't a lot, but would be enough to uhhh buy some more Adam's products lol.
  6. I don't know how many bottles you made here, but it'll definitely sell out ASAP so that should be a good amount of donated bottles for people who really need it. I'm just one person, but IMHO even after this pandemic has been handled this should be a permanent product. It would be nice to have access to a hand sanitizer that isn't gel and has a decent amount of alcohol in it.
  7. This is another thread for me to make the suggestion for Adam's to offer the variety air fresheners packs but where you can pick which you want. Getting 6 for $13 instead of $18 add's up when you put one in most of your customers car. Like towels, I'd definitely buy them in 12 packs too.
  8. Good to know, thanks, looks like I should buy a gallon from the jump this sounds like it could be a nice upgrade option for my customers.
  9. How good is the cleaning ability? I live in So Cal and "dirty" out here I'm still comfortable using Adam's RW diluted to WW with about 15-20 towels on a car.
  10. I noticed it was the 20th anniversary sale on here, they had a limited edition detail spray which looks like it sold out instantly. I'd think the store might be better for stuff like that. I dunno though, I suppose since it's Adam's there might be dudes camping out overnight to make sure they get the limited edition stuff lol. I'm about half an hour from the Anaheim one, I need drop in soon to check it out, maybe they'll have a Micro SK in store or at least one I can check one out in person. Plus it'll give me an excuse to drive a few more exits up to Leadbelly's to get some Pork Belly Fries YUMMMMMM! For anyone who goes to the actual stores, how long do the limited edition things last there? Online they literally seem to be gone as soon as they're released. Every one I've wanted was "SOLD OUT" as soon as I learned about it.
  11. I've heard nothing but great things about this, all I'm really waiting on before I buy are some updates on durability a month or so down the road.
  12. Yeah, it smells like berries to me too. If they changed it to Watermelon I'd like it better. Maybe it is Watermelon and my nose is just broke
  13. The mentions of the WW smelling better, did Adam's change the RW scent in the past few years? I'm not sure how old my almost empty gallon jug is. But I just it doesn't remind me at all of Watermellon.
  14. Why not use Rinseless Wash? it's dilutable and works fantastic. I mostly use it for WW's.
  15. I use to be terrible about cutting deals with potential customers who were ready to walk away when I told them the price. I thought if they saw the quality of my detailing they would become converted. A few yes, but most stayed a cheap skate who would not expect to low ball me. And like OP said, they never seemed overly happy with the work, even at the big discount I'd give them. I refuse to budge on my pricing now, but if a potential customer's being reasonable and just trying to save a little cash. I will offer them an "upgrade" that doesn't cost me any more $$$. Like instead of the spray sealant I'll use a ceramic infused liquid carnuba wax. Or I'll throw in a small extra like a quick spraying of Adam's Odor Neutralizer. I won't come down on what I charge, and I won't listen to "can you switch the spray wax to a spray sealant?" Nickel & dimers are the worst to deal with on any regular basis. If a person's starting to walk away immediately after I tell them a price, I wave good bye. My town has a hundred white detail van guys who will gladly do a $20-25 wash on a big s$$ F250. Nope, not me! I see a man and woman white van team, they do what seems like half the cars in my neighborhood. They must do 30 vehicles a day. One's doing the outside while the other's doing the inside. I'm sure at the end of the week they have a decent bank roll, but that's a looooot of constant work. I don't mind working all day, but I'd prefer to do 2-3 3 hour details and not 15 15 minute quicky ones.
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