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Spray Wax Over Ceramic Sealant



I would like to know the pros and cons about using regular Adams Spray Wax over the Ceramic Sealing coating.

Also, if using the Spray Detail over Ceramic can reduce its longevity.

Lastly, how often (daily, weekly, monthly) should I use the Ceramic Sealant, one on top of the other layer?

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Not recommended for Spray Wax over Ceramic Coating they're different product families...(heavy) carnauba vs. silica and can adversely affect hydrophobic properties of the coating. Additional info in the link below.


Detail Spray over Ceramic Coating will not reduce longevity, but again since it's carnauba based, may affect its hydrophobic properties, though not nearly like Spray Wax. I have heard some people use it but personality I would instead recommend Ceramic Waterless and use it like you would DS.


If you mean Ceramic Boost, general recommendation is every 3-4 washes, or around once a month. More can cause build up and affect visual clarity, etc.


Finally, here's the link on product differences and layering.



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