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HELP Graphene Ceramic Advanced on Black Paint



Long time user of Adams. Love all products!

I used the regular ceramic spray coating on my wifes white 2021 MB GLE350 last year and it worked great. Very easy to see coating rainbow\flash and wipe off.

Just got a new 2022 Shadow Black Bronco and decided to try the ceramic advanced and had some issues. Bronco was professionally clayed and then polished prior to ceramic coating. It was about 72 degrees outside and I applied coating in the garage in approx 3 foot sections. Was hard to tell if I was using too much or too little product on the applicator. Never could see if it rainbow\flash and know when it was time to remove... so I would just wipe off at about 2 mins. I spent about 2 hours appying coating and maybe I rushed too much. Have high spots all over even thought I wiped down quite good after. I think I may have to polish several areas especially on hood. Bronco is not that much paint to protect since I have soft top and most of back is covered by spare tire.

When I got home later that evening I used the UV light and saw I missed huge sections on the doors. So can I just go over the doors again with more advanced coating?

Thinking I may even go back to the spray coating that I have left over from last year if its still good? And reapply to all paint over the existing advanced coating. Would this be ok to do? 

Starting to regret the black color choice at this point as its driving me crazy! 

I just bought the swirl killer mini, polish and white foam pads. Never polished a car before so hoping I dont mess up trying to remove the high spots. 

I appreciate any guidance.

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The Advanced version is a little tricky to use, but all is not lost. Here are some general guiding principles to help fix the high spots. Don't necessarily focus on the time frames as much as the steps to follow in order.




You can simply apply the coating in the areas you missed, I would do that vs the spray personally. Layering will not gain much of anything, the law of diminishing returns applies when layering ceramic coatings. Adding 2+ layers does not equate to 2x+ protection.

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I had watched that vid prior to posting but thanks for the feedback!

I had to wait for Polish order to arrive... used the Polish on a micro pad to remove the high spots by hand and they actually seemed to come off. I then sprayed the hood with graphene detail spray to finish cleaning. Paint was nice and smooth. My plan today was to wash and then apply more ceramic advanced coating.

Now having a different issue I cannot figure out and its driving me insane....
A few hours later after driving around town my entire hood and some of the door panels were covered in overspray. This is the 2nd time this has happened. I live in suburbs and not near any manufacturing or below flight paths. Cars are garaged the entire time. Never seen anything like it and cannot figure out what is causing this to happen almost weekly.

I just ordered the Iron Remover so that is what I plan to try next.

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